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The Purify Kit

Biome DT is an innovative powdered drink mix that contains psyllium husk, broccoli, inulin, glutamine, and zinc, it is also gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly.

It utilises three distinct pathways to provide breakthrough purification, by activating detoxification, cleansing with fibre to eliminate toxins and balancing the microbiome. This purification drink is a patent-pending formula.

Biome DT:

• Detoxifies, cleanses and balances the microbiome.

• Lubricates the digestive tract to facilitate contaminant elimination.

• Activates enzymes to target contaminants.

• Aids healthy bacteria with pH-balancing fermentable fibre.

• Supports healing of the digestive lining with L-glutamine 9.

Biome Actives is a unique, encapsulated formula that includes inulin and Bacillus coagulans, a resilient species of beneficial bacteria.

It combines both prebiotics and probiotics to provide a favourable environment for beneficial gut bacteria. This helps maintain the balance of the microbiome in the digestive system and support healthy detoxification.

Biome Actives:

• Provides 1 billion CFU (colony-forming units) of Bacillus coagulans per capsule.

• Helps healthy bacteria by optimising pH balance with lactic acid-forming bacteria.

• Feeds healthy bacteria with prebiotics.

• Supports healthy immune function.

Biome Shake is a powdered protein drink mix, formulated for the microbiome, high in vegetable protein and essential vitamins and minerals.

It is a vegan friendly purifying meal replacement shake high in vegetable protein with a blend of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and beneficial fats from sources such as flaxseed and borage oil. These fermentable fibres create the right environment in the gut for good bacteria to flourish. As part of the Purify programme, Biome Shake helps balance and purify the microbiome with a vegetable base featuring broccoli, digestive enzymes, prebiotics and clean vegetable protein.

Body Prime is a potent blend of magnesium, apple pectin, and prune powder in capsule form.

It is an effective kick starter to any regimen. Made with magnesium, prune powder and apple pectin, this formula has simple ingredients that support cleansing and bowel motility to prime the body for an effective purification program.

Body Prime:

• Magnesium helps to maintain healthy electrolyte balance and reduce fatigue.

• Contributes to muscle function including the heart muscle.

• Aids with muscle contraction including natural heartbeat.

• Supports cleansing and bowel motility.

ProArgi-9+ is a proprietary formula in the form of a powdered drink mix that features l-arginine, l-citrulline, and five essential vitamins.

It contains the Nobel Prize winning amino acid, L-arginine, for powerful health benefits and five essential vitamins - C, D3, K2, B6 and B12, contributing to normal functioning of the nervous and immune systems while reducing fatigue and promoting normal psychological function.

Ideally this should not be taken within an hour of eating as protein competes with the L-arginine in ProArgi-9+. Consuming last thing before bedtime is important for the healing process while you sleep.

Completing the programme is one critical step toward achieving Elite Health, the pinnacle of wellness.